Hydrogenious Technologies honored as top startup of the year 2016

31. January 2017

Hydrogenious Technologies was chosen from over 756 young enterprises as one of Germany’s top 50 startups in 2016. The German web platform für-gründer.de honors the best startups of Germany every year.
The selection procedure involves the comparison of 163 start-up competitions in which the best ideas and business models had been analyzed by expert juries. Out of those who were selected by the individual competitions für-gründer.de nominates and honors the top 50 start-ups of the year 2016. Besides its excellent ranking Hydrogenious Technologies is also proud to be an editor’s favorite.

We are honored by the award! Awards like these further fuel our ambition to push the limits of the LOHC technology for safe hydrogen transport in liquid hydrogen carriers.
The full ranking as well as comprehensive background information can be found on the following website: www.fuer-gruender.de/wettbewerbe