Strategic Partnership Hydrogenious Technologies and Broad-Ocean Motors

Hydrogen mobility infrastructure for China: Hydrogenious Technologies and Broad-Ocean Motors enter into strategic partnership

15. January 2018

Hydrogenious Technologies enters collaboration agreement with Zhongshan Broad-Ocean Motor Co., Ltd. from China. This relationship is part of the successful third round of financing of the German pioneer in LOHC based hydrogen storage. The new strategic partnership will accelerate production of Hydrogenious’ LOHC hydrogen refuelling stations and establish a large scale hydrogen mobility infrastructure in China starting from next year.

Broad-Ocean Motors is one of the leading companies in the field of hydrogen fuel cells for mobility. Charles Lu, Founder and CTO of Broad-Ocean, explains: “We are very enthusiastic about the possibilities that arise from Hydrogenious’ LOHC technology for the build-up of a Chinese hydrogen infrastructure.” The partnership provides the local production, operation and service for the LOHC systems in China.
The CEO of Hydrogenious Technologies, Dr. Daniel Teichmann, sees his company well positioned for the ambitious plans: “China is very serious in transforming the mobility sector to emission-free technologies. This partnership with Broad-Ocean enables us to be a significant driver in this transformation. We will launch the first LOHC hydrogen refuelling station in early 2019 and will use Broad-Ocean’s resources and experience to ramp up a large-scale roll-out plan over the following years.” The companies will create a network of LOHC hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS) throughout China. The strategic partnership provides an ideal combination of technology leadership, market presence and proven execution capability to achieve this goal.

Broad-Ocean is a global manufacturer of electrical components and motors with an annual production capacity of more than 60 million motors for various purposes, including the automotive and white goods industries. Broad-Ocean also operates one of the largest New Energy Vehicle (NEV) fleets in China. Since 2016, Broad-Ocean has invested in developing technologies for hydrogen mobility in China. “The investment and license agreement with Ballard Power Systems in 2016 marked the starting point for our hydrogen-related activities. Now we are taking the next step together with Hydrogenious”, Charles Lu explains.

At the same time, Anglo American Platinum has increased its investment in Hydrogenious. Andrew Hinkly, CEO of AP Ventures, Anglo American Platinum’s Corporate Venturing Unit adds, ”Our investment strategy actively supports the development and roll-out of hydrogen related technologies world-wide. We remain extremely excited about the Hydrogenious’ LOHC technology and believe this strategic partnership with Broad-Ocean Motors will accelerate the adoption of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles in China, the world’s largest automotive market.” The UK-based company also is a long-term shareholder in Ballard Power and supports extensive global network and communication platforms in the field of hydrogen technology, amongst others the Hydrogen Council.

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