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Staatsminister Joachim Herrmann
Bavarian Minister of the Interior, for Building and Transport Joachim Herrmann visits Hydrogenious Technologies

16. August 2016

Joachim Herrmann, Bavarian Minister of the Interior, for Building and Transport, visited the Hydrogenious Technologies GmbH to get latest information on the innovative LOHC technology for safe and efficient hydrogen storage. The main topics of […]

Asian Hydrogen Delegation visits Hydrogenious Technologies

15. July 2016

Following the ISenEC conference in Nuremberg, a high-ranking asian hydrogen delegation visited the headquarters of Hydrogenious Technologies to learn more about the innovative hydrogen storage systems of Hydrogenious Technologies using the Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) […]

Hydrogenious Technologies at the iSEneC 2016

11. July 2016

Hydrogenious Technologies is one of the exhibitors at the first “Integration of Sustainable Energy Conference” (iSEneC). The aim of iSEneC is the accelaration of exchange between energy industry and reseach by providing a platform in […]