One Technology – Two Markets

Hydrogen Logistics

Energy Storage

Hydrogen is commonly stored and transported under high pressures of up to 700 bar. Alternatively, hydrogen can be liquefied and stored at temperatures below -253°C. Both storage technologies require high energy input and the resulting energy density remains relatively low. With our LOHC technology, hydrogen can be stored in LOHC at room temperature and atmospheric pressure and with high storage densities. LOHC is the safest way to store hydrogen. Learn more about our LOHC technology and our solutions for hydrogen storage.

Recent advancements by Hydrogenious Technologies in LOHC energy storage technology make renewables, such as wind and solar, truly viable and reliable when it comes to providing steady base load. The ability of LOHC to store large amounts of renewable power bridges the reliability gaps that occur with renewables. LOHC energy storage allows utilities and consumers to smooth the energy output and shift renewable energy from peak production to peak demand. Learn more about our LOHC technology and our solutions for energy storage.

Hydrogenious Technologies

Hydrogenious Technologies develops systems for safe and efficient storage of energy in Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC). In the face of an accelerated roll-out of sustainable – though unsteady – energy generation, these Diesel-like substances allow for scalable long-term storage of renewable energy e.g. from wind turbines or solar cells. LOHCs have been a promising approach in academia for many years and Hydrogenious Technologies represents the result of intensified research and development at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg and the ‘Bavarian Hydrogen Center’ ( The LOHC technology is now brought to market by Hydrogenious Technologies. Find more information Hydrogenious Technologies, our proprietary LOHC technology and our products.



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