The Revolution of Hydrogen Logistics


Hydrogen plays a major role in a variety of industries such as electronics, foods, glass, metals chemicals or refining, where its unique reactive and protective properties are highly valued. With a global production of ~650bn Nm3/year, hydrogen is one of the most widely used gases in industry. While more than 80% of the hydrogen is produced and consumed in on-site production facilities, still 130bn Nm³ of hydrogen have to be transported every year. In effect, for many consumers, hydrogen logistics costs represent a major cost block of their hydrogen supply. Hydrogenious Technologies’ disruptive LOHC technology makes hydrogen logistics not only safe, but also significantly more efficient by storing and transporting hydrogen in Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers.

Current Options for Hydrogen Supply

On-site production

On-site hydrogen production plants are suitable for large scale industrial consumers and are usually installed and operated by one of the large international hydrogen suppliers.

External supply

Small to medium scale hydrogen demand is usually covered via compressed gas tanks, tube bundles or, for larger demand, in cryogenic form. Hydrogen to supply those customers is centrally produced and distributed via local branches or independent agents.

  • Direct hydrogen off-take via pipeline network on-site
  • Hydrogen generation via (low-temp.) steam reforming
  • H2-storage only as supply back-up
  • Hydrogen demand > 300 Nm3/h
  • External supply in pressure or crygenic tanks
  • Dependent on reliable external delivery
  • Short to medium term storage on-site
  • Hydrogen demand < 300 Nm3/h

Hydrogen Transport and Storage

The challenge

Hydrogen is a gas with extremely low density and high storage densities are difficult to achieve. At ambient conditions it takes 11 cubic meter to store 1 kilogram of hydrogen. Conventional hydrogen storage only works under very high pressures (compressed hydrogen: 700+ bars) or very low temperatures (liquefied hydrogen: – 253 °C). This generates additional risks and requires energy intensive compression and liquefaction procedures.


  • Hydrogen is in gaseous state at temperatures above −253 °C
  • Hydrogen has a very low density and is therefore difficult to store
  • Hydrogen is easily flammable and highly explosive

The Solution

Hydrogenious Technologies developed the breakthrough in hydrogen storage. The safe and efficient storage of hydrogen in Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC). LOHC can be stored and transported under ambient conditions in the existing fuel infrastructure without the need for high pressures or low temperatures. One cubic meter of LOHC can store more than 600 cubic meters of hydrogen gas.

Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier

  • LOHC is in liquid state from -39°C to 390°C and at ambient pressure
  • LOHC can store up to 624 Nm3 H2 / Nm3 LOHC – comparable to storage at 2.000 bar pressure – but in normal steel tanks
  • LOHC is difficult to inflame, non-explosive and non-toxic

LOHC technology enables easy, safe, cheap and efficient storage and transport of large amounts of hydrogen.


Industrial hydrogen supply

  • Central large scale hydrogen production to realize economies of scale
  • High density hydrogen storage in LOHC as continuous process leading to maximum effectiveness and capacity utilisation
  • Significant reduction of logistics and storage costs through high storage density of LOHC, easy distribution of loaded LOHC to customers via conventional road tankers and safe on-site storage

Hydrogen fueling stations

  • LOHC significantly simplifies the supply of hydrogen fueling stations with the large amounts of hydrogen needed by utilizing the existing diesel supply infrastructure
  • One truck trailer of LOHC contains sufficient hydrogen to fill over 350 cars
  • A local de-hydrogenation unit allows hydrogen to be released and compressed on demand
  • The possibility for safe on-site storage of large amounts of hydrogen in LOHC makes full-scale inner city hydrogen fueling stations possible



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