Hydrogenious Products

Products for safe and efficient hydrogen storage

Hydrogenious Technologies offers containerized solutions for safe and efficient hydrogen storage in „Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers“ (LOHC). We offer modular LOHC systems for hydrogen storage and hydrogen release, available in robust 10, 20 or 40 ft containers depending on our customers’ needs. Combined with an electrolyzer and a hydrogen fuel cell or CHP, the systems further serve as multi–MWh energy storage units, balancing on-grid renewable energy production or ensuring off-grid energy supply.

Hydrogen storage in liquid organic hydrogen carriers has significant advantages compared to other existing storage technologies:

  • Safety: Our LOHC is non-toxic and non-explosive – even when loaded with hydrogen
  • Easiness to handle: Our LOHC is liquid at ambient pressure and over a broad range of temperatures (-30 to 360°C), making it very easy to handle
  • Storage density: A storage density of 624 Nm3 H2 / m3 LOHC is comparable to compressed hydrogen storage at >2.000 bar
  • Costs: Our LOHC is an industrial standard product and hence easily available at low costs. Therefore hydrogen storage capacity is no longer a limiting factor.

Hydrogenious Product Lines



Series 10

Series 50

Series 100

Hydrogen inlet
10 Nm³ / h
50 Nm³ / h
100 Nm³ / h
LOHC production
16 l / h
80 l / h
160 l / h
Heat production
9 kWh
45 kWh
90 kWh
  • Hydrogen storage in LOHC via hydrogenation
  • Storage systems for 1 kg/h to 160 kg/h of hydrogen
  • Hydrogen Inlet pressure from 30 to 50 bar
  • Continuous hydrogenation process for maximum efficiency
  • Containerized storage solution (10-20 ft. ISO-Containers)
  • Safe and efficient on-site storage of loaded and unloaded LOHC
  • Modular and scalable tank system for flexible logistics
  • Unlimited hydrogen storage capacity (>56 kg H2 / m³ LOHC)



Series 5

Series 33

Series 100

Hydrogen outlet
5 Nm³ / h
33 Nm³ / h
100 Nm³ / h
LOHC consumption
8 l / h
53 l / h
160 l / h
Heat demand
4,5 kWh
30 kWh
90 kWh
  • Hydrogen release from LOHC via dehydrogenation
  • Storage systems for 0.5 kg/h to 10 kg/h of hydrogen
  • Hydrogen release with 1 to 3 bar absolute pressure
  • Containerized storage (10-20 ft. ISO-Containers) or rack solution for Series 5
  • Safe and efficient on-site storage of loaded and unloaded LOHC
  • Systems designed for external LOHC delivery
  • Unlimited storage capacity (>56 kg H2 / m³ LOHC)




  • Full Service Engineering
  • Process Design & Development
  • Process Safety Management
  • Project Engineering

LOHC Materials

  • Catalysts optimised for LOHC hydrogenation
  • Catalysts optimised for LOHC dehydrogenation
  • Unloaded LOHC (Dibenzyltoluene >99% purity)
  • Loaded LOHC (perhydro-dibenzyltoluene >95% hydrogenated)


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