Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies enters the US market and sells the innovative StorageBOX and ReleaseBOX systems for safe and efficient hydrogen storage in liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC) to the United Hydrogen Group, a privately held U.S. merchant hydrogen producer from  Kennesaw, Georgia.

The new LOHC technology fromHydrogenious LOHC Technologies drastically improves  the economic feasibility of hydrogen transports especially for long distances. Utilizing the technology, the United Hydrogen Group can increase their reach and lower their operational costs.

The partnership with the United Hydrogen Group and the entrance to the U.S. market is an important milestone for Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies. With about 50% of the world market for hydrogen the USA is the most important market for Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies. The LOHC technology will play an important role in the construction of a hydrogen  filling station infrastructure and will catalyze the distribution of hydrogen cars. Further information on the U.S. market entry is available in the joint press release with Anglo American Platinum.

LOHC hydrogen storage and distribution by Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies

The LOHC technology

The  Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies StorageBOX provides the system for storing hydrogen in LOHC. This enables the safe and efficient storage of large amounts of hydrogen in LOHC at ambient pressures,  thereby eliminating the need for high-pressure tanks during hydrogen transport and storage. Hydrogenated  LOHC can be transported pressure free and similar to mineral oils like gasoline or  diesel using existing tank infrastructure.

The  Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies ReleaseBOX contains the technology to  release hydrogen stored in LOHC after transportation. StorageBOX and ReleaseBOX together  enable a safe and efficient hydrogen storage.  Combined with the existing, traditional tank infrastructure they enable low-cost transportation of hydrogen even over large distances.