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Many thanks for your interest in a position at Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies.

Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies is a spin-off of the University Erlangen-Nuremberg and technology leader in the development of hydrogen storage systems using the Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) technology.

At Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies you

  • will take on responsibility right from the start.
  • will work on international projects with impact.
  • will find teams striving for excellence and technological leadership.

  • will make a difference to your team, the company and our customers.
  • will find coffee, fruits, sports and the world known “Staplergedeck”.

At Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies, teamwork is the key to success.

However, every successful team needs experts who bring the team forward with their knowledge and ingenuity. To support our young team at the Erlangen site in Germany, we are looking for talented people who will use their expertise to continuously develop our patented LOHC technology and support the Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies team.

If you strive for excellence and quality in your work and want to work passionately with us on a sustainable future, then apply for open positions via our recruiting platform.
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