IPCEI Green Hydrogen @ Blue Danube Applications for a 'Hydrogenated' World
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The major project is being developed within the framework of the Important Projects of European Common Interest (IPCEI) and envisages the establishment of a pan-European supply chain for green hydrogen in the Danube region.

Illustration of the entire trans-European hydrogen value chain of GREEN HYDROGEN @ BLUE DANUBE
Darstellung der gesamten paneuropäischen Wasserstoffwertschöpfungskette von „Green Hydrogen @ Blue Danube“ © VERBUND AG


With an electrolysis capacity of around 1.5 GW, over 80,000 tons of green hydrogen per year are to be produced in South-East Europe at competitive prices from around 2 GW of renewable energy and will bei import to Austria and Germany by our Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) technology. Conventional inland waterway vessels, which otherwise load fossil liquid fuels, are very-well suited for the main logistic routes on the river Danube.

LOHC offers the best balance between cost-effectiveness and ease of implementation


The LOHC technology system and river ship transport provide a significant contribution to the goal of competitive hydrogen costs in Austria and Germany: Compared to all other means of transport, LOHC offers the best ratio of cost efficiency and simple implementation. Evaluation criteria such as technological maturity, safety as well as permission readiness and high regulatory acceptance are taken into account. This is proven and investigated by a detailed study by Roland Berger, which was carried out on behalf of project initiator VERBUND in an early project phase.

3,000 tons of green hydrogen – The projekt-rollout in Bavaria

The complex innovative value chain of “Green Hydrogen @ Blue Danube” is to be implemented gradually, initially starting with a preliminary project in Bavaria, i. e. hydrogen production and supply in Bavaria, and another project in Austria. The subsequent step will be further scaling up with the gradual development of green hydrogen production in South-East Europe.

Within the Bavarian pre-project, the production of 5 tons of green hydrogen per day – at a VERBUND hydropower plant on the Danube or Inn in Bavaria – and its usage in the regional industry and transport sectors is planned. Over one year, this corresponds to the circulation of 3,000 tons of green hydrogen (from 20 MW on-site electrolysis) and 400 tons of LOHC. The goal is to lay the foundations for the further ramp-up of value creation and the integration of international supply chains.

In the “Green Hydrogen @ Blue Danube” project, Hydrogenioues LOHC Technologies is also the partner for project planning, plant implementation and for the acquisition of major hydrogen customers in Germany.

The project consortium is currently intensifying discussions with local market partners who want to purchase the green hydrogen produced in the project (e.g. for the decarbonisation of refinery processes, as for example by Bayernoil, and with Bosch via customers with stationary fuel cells). MAN Energy Solutions and Clariant are also supplier for key components for the LOHC technology.

If “Green Hydrogen @ Blue Danube” will successfully reach further milestones, such as the application procedures for “Important Projects of Common European Interest” in Austria and Germany as well as the participation of further hydrogen consumers, the consortium headed by VERBUND AG aims to start implementing the preliminary project in Bavaria as early as 2022.

Joint project presentation by VERBUND AG, Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies and the Bavarian State Minister of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy at the HYDROGEN DIALOGUE, November 18, 2020 (in German only)

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