Applications for a 'Hydrogenated' World
H2Gate 2022-01-03T10:01:21+00:00

H2Gate: towards transhipment of 1 million tons of green hydrogen in the Amsterdam port.

In March 2021, Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies joined forces with the Port of Amsterdam, the tank storage company EVOS and Electriq Global and Hysilabs – two other hydrogen carrier technology companies – in the H2Gate initiative. Thus, H2Gate is unique because of the synergistic bundling of multiple carrier technologies including LOHC that enable safe hydrogen transport, and as such represent a very attractive alternative to compress and cooled (liquified) hydrogen and ammonia.

The joint goal is to investigate the technical and commercial feasibility of importing and storing hydrogen on an industrial scale based on these carriers. The parties already worked out a blueprint for an import, storage, distribution and trading hub, consisting of facilities with a total throughput capacity of one million tonnes of hydrogen per year.

The Amsterdam port area is well positioned to play an important role in this transition. For decades, the port has been a leading international hub for the trade in energy products. There are many initiatives underway in the region to develop a green hydrogen cluster, including production facilities. The H2Gate partners share the vision that alongside local production of hydrogen, imports are needed to meet future demand in Europe.

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