Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHCs): Toward a Hydrogen-free Hydrogen Economy

Abstract The need to drastically reduce CO2 emissions will lead to the transformation of our current, carbon-based energy system to a more sustainable, renewable-based one. In this process, hydrogen will gain increasing importance as secondary energy vector. Energy storage requirements on the TWh scale (to bridge extended times of low wind and sun harvest) and [...]

2017-10-08T08:43:30+00:00 December 22, 2016|

Hydrogenation of the liquid organic hydrogen carrier compound dibenzyltoluene – reaction pathway determination by H NMR spectroscopy

Abstract The catalytic hydrogenation of the LOHC compound dibenzyltoluene (H0-DBT) was investigated by 1H NMR spectroscopy in order to elucidate the reaction pathway of its charging process with hydrogen in the context of future hydrogen storage applications. Five different reaction pathways during H0-DBT hydrogenation were considered including middle-ring preference (middle-side-side, MSS), side-middle-side order of hydrogenation [...]

2018-09-14T09:51:51+00:00 February 29, 2016|

Chemical utilization of hydrogen from fluctuating energy sources e Catalytic transfer hydrogenation from charged Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier systems

Abstract Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) systems offer a very attractive way for storing and distributing hydrogen from electrolysis using excess energies from solar or wind power plants. In this contribution, an alternative, high-value utilization of such hydrogen is proposed namely its use in steady-state chemical hydrogenation processes. We here demonstrate that the hydrogen-rich form [...]

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